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This is where the action is. Teaching and sharing your life's passion with others. We call the "others" students, but they are really your community friends and neighbors who want to learn more about your area expertise.

Where might this expertise come from? For many, it could be from your professional life. For others, it will be a lifelong interest in an activity, hobby or area of study in a particular subject. Remember, our students sign-up because they want to learn, not because they have to. It makes for a much more relaxed teaching and learning environment.

As you've gathered, it's not necessary to have been a previous teacher. You should, however, be comfortable in talking in front of a group of people. You should also be goal oriented enough to move your class along to its intended goal for each session, which means a prudent management of questions, answers and sidetracks.

We are upgrading our computer/audio/visual resources within each classroom. A fully functioning set of equipment will be provided, or you can easily bring your own laptop for seamless transition from preparation to presentation.

Never done any sort of teaching before? We also have resources to help you in your course presentation, including interaction with other faculty members. We're sure your first teaching experience can be an enjoyable one.

What do you get out of it? Not much, except for the satisfaction shown on your students' faces, or the surprising amount you'll learn in your own subject area that comes from creating a course, and finally, some small gift certificates and registration credits for classes that you might wish to take yourself. Most of all, you'll have the satisfaction of contributing to the mental stimulation that is now so important to our community.

(Click here) to see the detailed Faculty Handbook and get a better sense of the help and resources that will be at your disposal.  Click here to see a letter from our Executive Director, Mitzi Mills, to instructors about our their relationship with CAM.  Click here for a copy of our Independant Contractor document.

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